Virtual, July 6-8, 2022

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Financial Intermediation

Time:Thursday, July 7, 2022 15:15 - 17:00Location:Stream 3Session Chair:Kathy Yuan, London School of Economics Zoom:

Bank Information Production Over the Business Cycle

Cooper Howes; Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City

Gregory Weitzner; McGill University

  Presenter: Gregory Weitzner, McGill University

  Discussant: Cynthia Balloch, London School of Economics

Global Zombies

Edward Altman; New York University

Rui Dai; University of Pennsylvania

Wei Wang; Queen's University

  Presenter: Wei Wang; Queen's University

  Discussant: Joanne Juan Chen, London School of Economics

Borrowing from A Competitor's Bank

Donghang Zhang; University of South Carolina

Yafei Zhang; University of Manchester

  Presenter: Yafei Zhang, University of Manchester

  Discussant: Jingxuan Chen, London School of Economics

Creditor Competition, Monitoring and SME Earnings Management

Xing Huang; University of Portsmouth

  Presenter: Xing Huang, University of Portsmouth

  Discussant: Yi Huang, Fanhai International School of Finance, Fudan University

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